Short, wisdom-packed messages to fuel your leadership, your values, and your faith.


Always Better

Making a greater impact in the future requires a commitment to constantly improve in the present. Discover 3 simple practices in this short video that help change-agents always get better.

Waste or Invest?

In the end we will either waste or invest our lives. Those who maximize their short time on earth embrace 3 stewardship principals unpacked in this video… “Waste Or Invest?"

Others Oriented

In a world that screams “sell out for your gain and your glory," Christ is summoning us to a counter-cultural way. He calls world changers to “lay it all down” and invites us to follow Him into a life lived for the good of others. But how do we fight the pull around us? Check out this video and glean from three thoughts that will help us live Others Oriented.

Beyond Good

There is something deeply satisfying about going all in and seeing our best efforts produce results. But the pull of the culture encourages us to give our leftovers. This shortsighted approach leads to underperformance and impacts our future in more ways than we realize. But those who fight to always do their best reap the reward of going “Beyond Good."